48 Hours in Kuwait! (Full Documentary) Arabic and Indian Street

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In early October of 2019, I had a 48-hour layover in Kuwait immediately following the nearly two weeks I spent in Armenia. To make the most of my limited time here, I linked up with my friend Yousef from Local Tour Kuwait, who spent two days taking me to unique sites and fantastic restaurants in Kuwait City and the surrounding area.

From the spectacular Avenue Mall, to the shocking war damage still present at Al-Qurain Martyrs Museum, to the magnificent Grand Mosque, these two days were a major lesson in Kuwaiti culture and history. I also loved seeing this beautiful, modern city from above from the Viewing Sphere at the Kuwait Towers.

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Of course, I couldn’t visit Kuwait without enjoying a ton of local cuisine! The fried liver with onions, peppers, and tomatoes at Saket Ajeeb Restaurant was a highlight right off the bat, but I also couldn’t get enough of the kebabs at Traditional Café Shemaimry, the unbelievable Kuwaiti breakfast at Café Bazza, and the mouthwatering laham mandi at Bait Al Mandi Restaurant.

I swear, I was drooling for most of this trip! The food was so unreal, but what also blew me away was the kindness of the Kuwaiti people. Middle Eastern countries often have a lot of stigmas attached to them in Western countries, but I have to say, everyone I met was lovely, friendly, and warm to me and made me feel welcome.

But enough of me talking about Kuwait. Let me show you what it’s really like in this video documenting my incredible 48 hours in Kuwait!

Where have you been?

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