Asante Samuel advises Lamar Jackson to ‘not play’ for Belichick,

While the Lamar Jackson saga is still ongoing, one former NFL player gave the QB some advice. Former New England Patriots CB Asante Samuel tweeted: ‘Lamar Jackson, my brother trust me you don’t want to play for Belichick.’ Samuel may have won two Super Bowls in his five years with the Patriots but Colin Cowherd defends and agrees with him. Watch as he explains why Lamar playing for Belichick would not be an ideal situation for the QB. Odell Beckham Jr. is now reportedly seeking a $15M-per-year-deal (previously $20M) as he sits in free agency waiting for his next team. Colin breaks down why OBJ’s value is dropping and that teams would opt for rookies instead.

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Asante Samuel advises Lamar Jackson to ‘not play’ for Belichick, OBJ seeking $15M a year | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


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