Day Trip To Bahrain (First Impressions)

Bahrain is located on an island not far from the Arabian peninsula. When you take a bus from the eastern Saudi city of Dammam, it only takes some 3 hours to get there so it almost invites you for a day trip. And that is exactly what we did.
The tickets can be as low as 50 riyals (or 5 bahraini dinars) and going through the border crossing on a little island on the King Fahd Causeway (the bridge connecting the two countries) is fairly straightforward although quite lengthy. You need to cross two passwport checks and one customs check. WHen you had your Saudi Visa for more than 14 days, you can get your Bahraini visa for free, otherwise you will pay 5 dinars directly at the counter at the borders.
But then a new country opens up for you.
Let’s explore Bahrain, we will visit the Bahrain harbor with it’s most iconic skyscrapers, including the Bahrain World Trade Center, we will do some shopping in the Manama Souk, explore the Pearling Path in the town of Muharraq along with its futuristic visitor center, walk the streets of Manama and visit the beautiful National Library and Al Fateh Grand Mosque.
And after a week in Saudi Arabia, a nice cold beer was a must 🙂
Let’s go

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