How do the United Arab Emirates work? #shorts #geopolitics #countriesoftheworld

In 1971, during the wave of decolonization, the British protectorates of Bahrain, Qatar, and the seven emirates that now make up the UAE became independent.

The original plan was for Bahrain and Qatar to merge with the other seven emirates to form a single state. However, due to a number of disagreements over what that state should look like, it never materialized. As a result, Qatar and Bahrain went their own way.

In December 1971, the seven other emirates agreed to form the United Arab Emirates with Abu Dhabi as its capital. Each emirate is ruled by an emir, and the seven emirs together form the Supreme Council, which elects one of them as president every five years. There is no rule but an agreement that the emir of Abu Dhabi, the largest and richest of the emirates, shall be president of the country, and the emir of Dubai, the second most important emirate, shall be vice president and prime minister.


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