How I see the UAE as a Russian (Is Dubai

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In this video I move from Ajman to Dubai. Let’s see what pros and cons of living in Dubai are, meet the locals, find out the prices and explore the city (if there’s anything to explore except shopping malls).

Time codes:
00:00 Moving from Ajman to Dubai
01:49 Staying with British friends that live in Dubai
02:27 Why move to Dubai?
03:20 Sponsor of this video – italki 🙂
05:25 Dubai ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ sleeps
07:25 Costs of living in Dubai
10:28 Going to the Global Village
14:36 Kicked out of Russia by an African man
15:48 What it’s like to be on the Palm islands?
19:43 Reasons why I wouldn’t stay here
20:23 Bongiorno a tutti! Andiamo skiing
21:42 Next destination…

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