How to Do a Proper Sit-Up

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I’m going to demonstrate how to do a proper sit up. So the old school sit up when you go all the way up, out the window. Those are not good for your back and the hip flexors get involved, which we don’t want. So, what I’m going to teach you today is how to do the jaundice sit up. So, you’re going to lie back, you’re gong to bend your legs at 90 degrees. You’re going to make sure your stomach is flat, flush against the ground, your rib cage down. That’s the most important thing; you want to make sure there’s no space between your back and the ground.

Then you’re going to support your head with your hands. You’re going to take a deep inhale through your nose. As you exhale you’re going to come up and I like to give the analogy, as if you were deflating a balloon, that’s what you want to think of your belly as, a balloon. And you’re getting all that air out as hard as you can. A deep exhale out, you’re going to inhale on the way back down. So, again, hands behind your head, inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth making sure everything stays flush and then lie back down. You can do that for about 10 reps, and that’s how to do a proper sit-up.


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