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It’s our final day in Qatar! We have loved our time here and have a 17 HOUR redeye flight back to the US leaving at 1:30am!! This will definitely be a first for us. Not only will it literally be the longest flight we’ve ever experienced, but it will be starting in the middle of the night! We take advantage of our final day and visit the Qatar National Museum and Library! Both buildings feature the most amazing, organic architecture we have ever seen. Absolutely unbelievable…and photogenic! We also stop by the Katara Cultural Village where we learned more about Qatar’s history of pearl diving. After an incredible sunset and dinner at the Boho Social, we head back to our hotel to pack up for the impending flight! We grab some delicious Gordon Ramsey Street Pizza at Hamad International Airport, and find our most excellent exit row seats where we will be spending the next 17 hours! The flight was actually very nice, and we were welcomed home by sweet little Louie! We hope you all have enjoyed a peek into Qatar and will join us on the next one!

00:00 Intro
00:14 Qatar National Museum
02:43 Qatar National Library
03:20 Online Protection with Aura
04:42 Katara Cultural Village
06:59 Boho Social
08:18 Packing for Redeye
10:03 Gordon Ramsey Street Pizza
11:33 The Flight Home
13:03 Reunited with Louie

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Music by Epidemic Sound


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