Muscat Oman – Amazing ! Dubai you got competition!

Let’s Explore Muscat! It is the capital of Oman. This city is not so well known but it has a lot to offer! Great beaches, world class Royal Opera House and friendly local people!
Let’s visit the sights and see if Muscat is a great travel destination and can compete with Dubai.
The girl driving the convertible is Reno. She has a big following on Instagram so check her out!

1:13 Ruwi
1:43 Mutrah
4:36 Girls in a convertible
6:36 First Hotel in Oman
7:07 Royal Opera House
8:15 Sultan Qaboos Mosque
9:27 Water-Front
13:09 Al Mouj
14:06 Dune Bashing in Muscat
15:00 Amouage factory
16:25 Is it easy to get a visa to Oman?
18:07 What’s it like for a woman in Oman?
20:27 Housing in Muscat
21:28 Wadi Al Shab
23:16 Bimmah Sinkhole



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