National Anthem: Bahrain

Bahrainona (Arabic: بحريننا‎‎; “Our Bahrain”; also known as نشيد البحرين الوطني nashīd al-Baḥrayn al-waṭanī “the national anthem of Bahrain”), is the national anthem of Bahrain.

Two different versions were made with the same melody but with different words. The first was used from the Bahrain’s independence in 1971 until 2002. The second has been in use since the constitutional amendments referendum that declared the country’s ruler Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah as king, and the country a kingdom.

The original words were written by Mohamed Sudqi Ayyash (born 1925). The composer of the melody is unknown, but it was later re-arranged by singer and composer Ahmed AlJumairi and recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, where it became the current, widely used anthem.


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