Oman. Gem of the Arabian Peninsula

Oman is fantastic. It’s not a country you hear much about. But it’s truly the gem of the Arabian Peninsula. Let’s learn about Oman’s culture, food, cities and people!
0:45 Where is Oman?
1:15 History of Oman
2:26 Muscat
10:40 Nizwa
14:05 Jebel Shams
17:16 Jebel Akhdar
18:55 Sharqiya Sands
24:42 Salalah
35:05 Wadi Shab
37:56 Sur
39:47 Driving in Oman
40:56 Economy of Oman
42:17 What’s it like being a citizen of Oman?
44:45 Expats about Oman
47:27 Food in Oman

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