On the A330 flight deck to Doha with Finnair

In this video we join Finnair on the flight deck once again, this time on the A330 for the flight from Stockholm down to Doha. We spend plenty of time up with the pilots at the beginning and end of the flight – watching how they do what they do and getting explanations about everything from the route of flight to emergency landing considerations over high terrain to what it’s like approaching busy Doha during the late night rush. We also hear from the pilots about the A330 versus the A350 – since they fly both, who better to ask? We also spend time in the lovely new AirLounge business class seat, one we’ve flown several times before. We have a nice dinner, take a little rest, and even chat to one of the flight attendants. Join us for this beautiful 6h20m flight down to Qatar and kick off the adventure with us.

This is part 1 of the Africa adventure series, as Gabriel Leigh heads down to Zimbabwe to try and catch a flight on Air Zimbabwe’s ageing-but-beautiful 737-200.

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00:00 Onboard Finnair’s A330
00:54 Business class cabin
02:12 Takeoff ARN
03:48 Flight deck part 1
04:28 Today’s route to Doha
06:30 Thoughts on the A350
08:08 Dinner
09:19 Business seat and cabin
09:52 Chat with flight attendant
11:14 Nighttime descends
11:57 Flight deck part 2
13:30 Busy airspace over Iran
16:00 “Sometimes the radios aren’t so clear”
17:21 Other Finnair flights in the area
19:54 Approaching Doha
21:38 In the approach pattern behind a Qatari aircraft
22:00 “A nice shortcut”
22:40 Finnair Four-Kilo descend 11000 feet
24:33 Taxi to gate Doha

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