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Qatar Airways Trip Report flying from San Francisco to Doha, one of the longest flights in the world, onboard one of the amazing Qatar Airways A350s, on a beautiful night and day all over the Atlantic, Europe, and Asia.

A comfortable flight from San Francisco to Doha onboard the Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000. A crazy 14.000km flight that was much easier than I expected.

We started our trip at the International Terminal of San Francisco Airport. It was a quite nice afternoon, but by the moment we boarded the A350 the downpour was epic. Seeing from the plane all the ground staff working hard under those conditions was incredible.

We took off from San Francisco heading towards the Pacific Ocean. We quickly made a 90° right turn to fly in parallel to the USA’s west coast. Although it was a cloudy day we managed to see the Golden Gate while climbing out from San Francisco. We continued northbound towards Canada, flying over the States of Oregon and Washington, before entering Canada. This was the first time I flew over the Canadian Rocky Mountains and I must say they are as spectacular as the US ones, maybe even more.

We then crossed all Canada from southwest to northeast, flying towards the frozen lands of northern Canada. I’d never seen that part of Canada without clouds. It was really amazing, everything was frozen, covered with ice and snow. From there we crossed the Baffin Bay towards Greenland. Once again, some of the best landscapes on Earth are here. And we found them!! The best part is that all these views came during the sweet light of the Midnight Sun.

We crossed Greenland and entered the Atlantic again, heading to Europe. The first we saw was Bergen, in Norway. We crossed the country towards the Northern Sea and flew over Denmark. We flew then over the Baltic Sea and entered Poland, close to Szczecin. From there we flew towards Slovakia. We had some amazing views of the Tatry Mountains before flying over the city of Košice.

We continued towards Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Black Sea, and reached Turkiye. We crossed it towards Iraq. A right turn put us on course to Kuwait and the Persian Gulf. After more than 15h and a beautiful approach, we landed in Doha Hamad International around 25 minutes late.

About the catering service, there were 3 services in this 15h flight: 2 mains and a warm snack. For dinner, I took the chicken option, with an orzo pasta salad and a delicious mango and coco mousse. Everything was delicious.

Around 7h into the flight, the crew served a warm Mushroom & Potato Masala Pastry with drinks. Once again, delicious. Qatar’s Quisine is just amazing.

On the second main one, I took the Fritata option. It came with fresh fruit, bread and yogurt. Once again, everything was perfect.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever flown with Qatar Airways? How was your experience? Which route and airplane model? Have you ever flown such a long flight Have you been in Doha? Maybe in San Francisco? What do you think about the Qatar Airways onboard service?
Lots of things to talk about! Read you all in the comments!

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· Airplane: Airbus A350-1000
· Flight number: QR738
– Departure: San Francisco (SFO – KSFO)
– Arrival: Doha (DOH – OTHH)
· Departure Gate: A14
· Seat: 35K
· Registration: A7-ANN
· Date of Recording: May 2023
· Recorded with SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 Ultra (in UHD 4K).

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– Masked Raven by Vexento in NCS

– Limujii – Sweet Talks
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
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– Vlad Gluschenko — Awakening
License: CC BY 3.0:

00:00 Intro
00:29 San Francisco Airport
01:39 Planespotting in SFO
02:56 Boarding & Qatar A350 Cabin
04:32 Pushback in SFO
05:10 Taxi in San Francisco
05:45 Takeoff from SFO
08:00 The Golden Gate Bridge
09:08 Canada & Rocky Mountains
10:00 Dinner Service
11:23 The Frozen Areas of Canada
13:00 The Inhospit area of Nunavut
13:24 Midnight Sun
14:48 Greenland
17:15 The Sea Ice
18:25 Reaching Norway
19:49 Krakow & Tatry Mountains
20:40 Breakfast Service
21:40 The Turkey-Iraq border
22:27 Seat Review on the A350
23:28 Approaching Doha
24:55 Lowering Landing Gear
25:15 Landing in Doha
26:14 Taxi & Parking
27:20 Disembarking the A350
28:00 Doha Airport

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